League Competitions 2010

League Competitions
League Singles Qualifying Round
 Tuesday 25th May
League Singles Final
 Sunday 25th July
League Doubles Qualifying Round
 Tuesday 22nd June
League Doubles Final
 Sunday 12th September
Jim Palmer Memorial Shield
 Sunday 13th June

League 50 Year Knockout Cup
Preliminary Round  Wednesday 21st July
First Round
 Wednesday 11th August
Quarter Final
 Tuesday 31st August
Semi-Final & Final
 Sunday 26th September 11am

Consolation Knockout Cup 
First Round
 Wednesday 18th August
Quarter Final
 Tuesday 31st August
Semi Final
 Wednesday 8th September
 Saturday 18th September



The first final of the Highley League season was decided on Sunday 13th June with John Baines of Stockton winning the Jim Palmer Memorial trophy at the Bylet Bowling Club. In a very good final, John defeated Reg Bennett of Madeley Cricket Club 21-20. Losing semi-finalists were Terry Hammond (Bylet) and Sam Owen (Broseley).

The trophy was presented by league Vice-President Cliff Field who congratulated both bowlers on an excellent final.


Barbara Dearne of Chelmarsh 'B' won the Ladies Challenge Plate at Bridgnorth on Sunday 11th July. In the final she beat home bowler Pauline Wilson.
The trophy was presented by League Competition Secretary Frank Booth.

Barbara is pictured below receiving the trophy from League Competition Secretary Frank Booth (photo by Irene Wood).


The finals of the singles trophy were held at the White Horse Dawley on Sunday 25th July. Two very close semi-finals saw home bowlers Dave Rhodes just beating Tom McGill of Islanders B 21-20 and Phil Craggs beating team mate Stuart Antcliff 21-19. In the final Dave beat Phil 21-12.
The trophy was presented by League Chairman Mark Bennett who congratulated the players on the high standard of bowling and thanked Barry Shepston of the White Horse for his hospitality and the excellent buffet he had provided.

Pictured below are League Competition Secretary Frank Booth, Dave Rhodes (winner), Phil Craggs (runner-up) and League Chairman Mark Bennett.


The finals of the doubles trophy were held at Cleobury Bowling Club on Sunday 12th September. The green was in superb condition and was a credit to the club. Many thanks to the members for their hospitality.

Pictured below are the competitors (click on the photo for a full sized image).
L to R: Sam Owen & Alan Jones, Tom Roden & Alex Jones, Tom Yale & Brian James, Albert Cornes & John Palmer, Craig Owen & Paul Yapp, Tony Roche & Les Williams, Clyde Lewis & Alan Brierley, Richard & Russell Morris, Mick Boden & Sue Mumford, Tim Ealey & Scott Harries, Dave Heighway & Graham Peevor, Nigel Evans & John Roberts Snr, Dave & Marie Rhodes, Oliver & William Harris, Cyril Bright & Ron Wilde.

Full results:

First Round
Ron Wilde & Cyril Bright      (MCC)          6   John Palmer & Albert Cornes   (Islanders)   21
Dave & Marie Rhodes           (White Horse) 21   Brian James & Tom Yale        (Chelmarsh     8
Alan Brierley & Clyde Lewis   (Bridgnorth)   9   Tom Roden & Alex James        (Abbey)       21
Ron Jarvis & Reg Bennett      (MCC)              Sam Owen & Alan Jones         (Broseley)   w/o
Tony Roche & Les Williams     (Abbey)        6   Russell & Richard Morris      (Islanders)   21
John Roberts & Nigel Evans    (MCC)         21   Sue Mumford & Mick Boden      (MCC)         17
Craig Owen & Paul Yapp        (Abbey)       21   Oliver & William Harris       (Horsehay)    18
Scott Harries & Tim Ealey     (Islanders)   21   Dave Heighway & Graham Peevor (MCC)         12

Quarter Finals
Palmer & Cornes  13     Rhodes & Rhodes  21
Roden & James    21     Owen & Jones     13
Morris & Morris  11     Evans & Roberts  21
Owen & Yapp      21     Harries & Ealey  12

Semi Finals
Rhodes & Rhodes  21     Roden & Jones     6
Evans & Roberts  21     Owen & Yapp      20

  Rhodes & Rhodes  21     Evans & Roberts  17   

Dave Rhodes, Marie Rhodes, League Competition Secretary Frank Booth, Nigel Evans & John Roberts


The finals of the Fifty Year Anniversary and Consolation Cups were played at Highley Bowling Club On Sunday 26th September. Full results as follows:

Fifty Year Cup Final

Islanders A (80)      Abbey (80) 
 Scott Harries 21   9 Les Williams
Rob Fuller    19  21 Will Plant 
Kevin Brazier  9  21 Alex Jones 
Matt Ealey    21  12 Pat Minton 
  Nick Powner   14  21 Simon Oldcorn
  Brian Walters 19  21 Chris Hayward
Mick Harries  21  16 Tom Roden  
Rich Morris   21  14 Kane Beaman
Russ Morris   21  12 Craig Owen 
Tim Ealey     21  16 Paul Yapp  
   187 163
Islanders A won by 24.

The victorious Islanders A with the magnificent Fifty Year Anniversary Trophy.
Back L to R: Nick Powner, Russ Morris, Scott Harries, Rich Morris & Kev Brazier
Front L to R: Tim Ealey, Mick Harries, Matt Ealey, Brian Walters & Rob Fuller

Islanders A Captain Kev Brazier accepts the trophy from League Secretary Frank Booth

Consolation Cup Final

         Highley(25)           Cleobury Mortimer A (50)
Andy James     21   8 Chris Cowdell  
Bob Parry       3  21 Norman Brookes 
Keith Wall     21  19 Roy Andrews    
Ron Smith      15  21 Paul Lill      
Mark Phillips  12  21 Andy Pain      
Brian Williams 12  21 Graham Kitchen 
Alan Dudley     3  21 Phil Pack      
Bart Walker    21  11 Eric Mark      
Lol Russon     21   8 Bob Moreton    
John Parsons   14  21 Gary Wooley    
143 172  

Highley players were additionally handicapped by two shots each for playing on their own green so overall, Cleobury won by 24.

Cleobury Captain Ron Reed accepts the Consolation Cup from Frank Booth with Highley Captain Dave Collins looking on.

Winners Cleobury Mortimer A
Back: Paul Lill
Centre: Graham Kitchen, Eric Mark, Chris Cowdell & Gary Wooley
Front:  Don Scotford, Andy Pain, Bob Moreton, Phil Pack, Ron Reed, Norman Brookes & Roy Andrews

Runners up, Highley
Back: John Parsons
Centre: Brian Williams, Ron Smith, Bob Parry, Andy James & Keith Wall
Front: Dave Collins, Lol Russon & Bert Walker