League Competitions 2011

League Competitions
League Singles Qualifying Round
 Tuesday 28th June
League Singles Final
 Sunday 24th July
League Doubles Qualifying Round
 Tuesday 19th July
League Doubles Final
 Sunday 14th August
Jim Palmer Memorial Shield
 Not played
Ladies Singles & Junior Knock Out  Sunday 3rd July

League Knockout Cup Division 1
Preliminary Round  Wednesday 17th August
Quarter Finals
 Wednesday 31st August
 Wednesday 14th September
Final (2.00pm)  Sunday 25th September

League Knockout Cup Division 2
Preliminary Round  Wednesday 17th August
Quarter Finals
 Wednesday 31st August
 Wednesday 14th September
Final (2.00pm)  Sunday 18th September


Jim Palmer Memorial Shield

Postponed until September 11th due to bad weather.



John Pritchard Bridgnorth P Burd Abbey Craig Owen Islanders Sue Mumford Madeley CC
Brian Walters Islanders Alex Jones Abbey Roger Jones Highley Keith Dodd Abbey
Dave Brown Horsehay Chris Lodge Madeley CC Geoff Carnell Bylet Rob Beddows Madeley CC
Gary Cooper Bridgnorth John Baines Stockton Will Plant Abbey Pat Minton Abbey

Held at Bridgnorth B.C. on Sunday 24th July.
Alex James (Abbey) beat Chris Lodge (Madeley CC) by 21-9. Losing semi-finalists were Dave Brown (Horsehay) and Pat Minton (Abbey). The trophy was presented by League President Lol Russon.
(L to R): Nigel Booth (Referee), Dave Brown, Chris Lodge (Runner up), Alex Jones (Winner), Lol Russon (League President), Pat Minton and Dave Elliott (Referee).

Full Results (home bowlers owed 2)

First Round
 Craig Owen Bylet  21  Sue Mumford Madeley  15
 Alex Jones Abbey  21  Rob Beddowes Madeley  13
 Dave Brown Horsehay  21  Will Plant Abbey  15
 Grant Cooper Bridgnorth  23  Roger Jones Highley  18
 Peter Burd Abbey  10  Geoff Carnell Bylet  21
 Brian Walters Bylet  21  Keith Dodd Abbey  12
 John Pritchard Bridgnorth  17  Chris Lodge Madeley  21
 John Baines Stockton  6  Pat Minton Abbey  21

Quarter Finals
 Craig Owen   15  Alex Jones  21
 Dave Brown  21  Grant Cooper  11
 Brian Walters  15  Chris Lodge  21
 Geoff Carnell  14  Pat Minton  21

Semi Finals
 Alex Jones  21  Dave Brown  1
 Chris Lodge  21  Pat Minton  20

 Alex Jones  21  Chris Lodge  9



Bylet No 1 Highley Madeley Much Wenlock
K Smith & D Brown Horsehay S Harries & R Fuller Islanders D Elliott & T Steadman Islanders A Jones & P Yapp Abbey
C Lodge & L Mumford Madeley N Evans & J Roberts Madeley R Simmonds & S Reeves Horsehay N & O Harris Horsehay
L Williams & K Lavelle Madeley T Roden & P Reeves Horsehay K Brazier & M Harries Islanders R Renke & B Walters Islanders
J Bennett & M Parton Stockton S Owen & A Jones Broseley A Cornes & J Palmer Islanders T Yale & B James Chelmarsh

Held at Bridgnorth B.C. on Sunday 14th August..
Tom Roden and Paul Reeves (Horsehay) beat Scott Harries and Rob Fuller (Islanders) 21-19 in the final. The trophy was presented by League President Lol Russon.
(Click for a full sized image).
 From left: Bob Mumford (Referee), Tony Steadman & Dave Elliott (Islanders), Albert Cornes & John Palmer (Islanders), Rob Fuller & Scott Harries (Islanders), Brian Walters & Rob Renke (Islanders) , Kev Brazier & Mick Harries (Islanders), Tom Yale & Brian James (Chelmarsh (Back)), M Parton & J Bennett (Stockton (Front)), A Jones & Sam Owen (Broseley), Tom Roden & Paul Reeves (Horsehay), Dave Brown & Karen Smith (Horsehay), N & O Harries (Horsehay), R Simmonds & S Reeves (Horsehay), Alex Jones & Paul Yapp (Abbey), Kev Lavelle & Les Williams (Madeley CC), Nigel Evans & John Roberts (Madeley CC), Les Mumford & Chris Lodge (Madeley CC), Nigel Booth (Referee)

Full Results

First Round
 Brazier & Harries Islanders  14  Jones & Yapp Abbey  21
 Bennett & Parton Stockton  21  Smith & Brown Horsehay  7
 Palmer & Cornes Islanders  21  Yale & James  Chelmarsh  14
 Fuller & Harries Islanders  21  Roberts & Evans Madeley CC  17
 Mumford & Lodge Madeley CC  21  Walters & Renke Islanders  9
 Simmonds & Reeves Horsehay  21  Jones & Owen Broseley  19
 Williams & Lavelle Madeley CC  17  Harris & Harris Horsehay  21
 Roden & Reeves Horsehay  21  Elliott & Steadman Islanders  6

Quarter Finals
 Jones & Yapp   15  Bennett & Parton  5
 Palmer & Cornes  10  Fuller & Harries  21
 Mumford & Lodge  21  Simmonds & Reeves  3
 Harris & Harris  20  Roden & Reeves  21

Semi Finals
 Jones & Yapp   10  Fuller & Harries  21
 Mumford & Lodge  16  Roden & Reeves  21

 Fuller & Harries  19  Roden & Reeves  21

League Knockout Cup Division 1
Played at Highley BC on Sunday 25th September. Islanders A (40) beat Horsehay (30) by 9 shots overall. Details:

 Scott Harries     14  Dave Brown  21
 Tim Ealey  21  Phil Harris  7
 Kevin Brazier  21  Barry Roden  19
 Rob Fuller  20  Karen Smith  21
 Russ Morris  21  Richard Simmons  14
 Cheryl Caswell  21  Oliver Harris  12
 Brian Walters  14  Tom Roden  21
 Chris Chamberlain  13  Paul Reeves  21
 Mick Harries  20  Neil Harris  21
 Craig Owen  21  John Lovett  10
 Totals  186    167