League Competition Dates 2015

 Ladies Singles  :-               Venue   Squirrel   1.30 pm
 Sunday 7th June
 Jim Palmer Memorial Trophy :-   Venue  Cleobury 1pm  Sunday 5th July
 Div 1 Singles
 Sunday 12th July
 Div 2 Singles  Sunday 19th July
 Div 1 Doubles  :-    Venue Broseley 11.50am scratch
 Sunday 9th August
 Div 2 Doubles
 Sunday 16th August

League President's Knockout Cups

 Preliminary Round  Tuesday 30th June 
 First Round  Tuesday 21st July
 Consolation First Round  Wednesday 5th August
 Quarter Finals
 Tuesday 18th August
 Tuesday 8th September
 Consolation Final
 Sunday 20th September
 Sunday 27th September

Jim Palmer Memorial Trophy played at Cleobury Mortimer Sunday 5th July

 LOhil Pak  21  John Palmer

Phil Pack & John Palmer

League President Doug Westwood presents the Jim Palmer Trophy to Phil Pack

Division 1 Singles played at Bridgnorth BC Sunday 12th July

Full Results (Home bowlers owed 2)

Preliminary Round
 O Harris  Horsehay    9   21  T Ealey Islanders
 P Burd  Horsehay   17   21  S Harries  Islanders
 J King  Stockton   21   10  B Walters  Islanders
 A Garbett  Horsehay   10   21  R Roden  Stockton

First Round
 T Ealey    6   21  S Harries
 J King   21   12  R Roden
 R Simmonds  Broseley   21   15  S Reeves  Horsehay
 J Palmer  Islanders   14   21  L Mumford  Madeley
 A Jones  Madeley   21   14  K Buckley  Stockton
 J Pritchard  Bridgnorth   21   21  B Roden  Horsehay
 S Owen  Broseley   21   10  P Harris  Horsehay
 D Brown  Horsehay   21   13  R Jones  Horsehay

Quarter Finals
 S Harries   21   11  J King
 R Simmonds   21   ??  L Mumford
 A Jones   21   19  B Roden
 S Owen   13   21  D Brown

Semi Finals
 S Harries   21    5  R Simmonds
 A Jones   21    5  D Brown

 S Harries   21    17  A Jones

The semi-finalists
Rich Simmonds (Broseley), Scott Harries (Islanders), League President Doug Westwood, Alan Jones (Madeley) and Dave Brown (Horsehay)
League President Doug Westwood presents the trophy to winner Scott Harries
Scott Harries, Doug Westwood and Alan Jones

Division 2 Singles played at Highley Miner's Welfare Bowling Club Sunday 19th July

A lower than expected entry of only eight played for the CMLF&L & Bbranded sponsored Division two singles title. On an excellent surface, Hazel Grainger of Horsehay C proved the eventual winner. The first round saw Hazel narrowly beat Tom Yale (Chelmarsh) 21-18 and losing finalist Tony Jones of Worfield survive a nail biting 21-20 win over Dave Grainger (Horsehay C) after being 20-14 down.  The first semi-final saw a repeat of the ladies singles final with Hazel proving just too strong for Leslie Burnside (Mortimer) while In the second, Tony got the better of Guy Lewis (Horsehay C) 21-14. In the final, Hazel dominated the first few ends to go 14-3 up then Tony rallied to get back to 15-16 but Hazel got the jack back with a double on a long mark into the corner and then ran out with some close bowling along the side of the green. League chairman Mark Bennett thanked Highley for their kind hospitality and congratulated them on the fine state of the green and surrounds. The trophy was presented by Guy Lewis representing league sponsor CMLF&L
Full Results

First Round
 Tom Yale  Chelmarsh   18   21  Hazel Grainger  Horsehay C
 Rob Steele  Mortimer    2   21  Leslie Burnside  Mortimer
 Jo Burnside  Mortimer   10   21  Guy Lewis  Horsehay C
 Dave Grainger  Horsehay C   20   21  Tony Jones  Worfield

Semi Finals
 Hazel Grainger   21   17  Leslie Burnside
 Guy Lewis   14   21  Tony Jones

 Hazel Grainger   21   15  Tony Jones


Hazel Grainger of Horsehay C receives the trophy from Guy Lewis representing league sponsors CMLF&L.

Guy Lewis with the finalists.

Division 1 Doubles played at Broseley Sunday 9th August

Full Results (Home pairs owed 3).

Preliminary Round
 Ollie & Neil Harris  Horsehay   21   19  Cheryl Caswell & Jamie Taylor  Cleobury
 Andy Garbett & Paul Powell  Horsehay    7   21  Chris Lodge & Les Mumford  Madeley
 Simon Oldcorn & Rich Jones  Horsehay   21   20  Barry Roden & Sam Plant  Horsehay
 John Roberts Jun & Alan Jones  Madeley   21    4  Albert Cornes & John Palmer  Islanders

First Round
 Ollie & Neil Harris    21   16 Chris Lodge & Les Mumford 
 Simon Oldcorn & Rich Jones    13   21  John Roberts Jun & Alan Jones 
 Phil Harris & Phil Copson  Horsehay   21    8  Clyde Lewis & Alan Brierley  Bridgnorth
 Tony Roche & Jon Madeley  Madeley   18   21  Adam Roden & Gary Jones  Horsehay
 Steve Reeves & Peter Burd  Horsehay   21   11  Gail Hall & Matt Pritchard  Broseley
 Pete Timmington & Don Fullwood  Bridgnorth    8   21  Rob Roden & Jamie King  Stockton
 Sam Owen & Kev Carter  Broseley   14   21  Rob Renke & Brian Walters  Islanders
 Dave Rhodes & Scott Harries  Islanders   21   12  Bill Staite & Andy James  Highley

Quarter Finals
 Ollie & Neil Harris   21  13      John Roberts Jun & Alan Jones 
 Phil Harris & Phil Copson    21 15     Adam Roden & Gary Jones 
  Steve Reeves & Peter Burd   14 21     Rob Roden & Jamie King 
 Rob Renke & Brian Walters     6 21     Dave Rhodes & Scott Harries  

Semi Finals
  Ollie & Neil Harris    21   11  Phil Harris & Phil Copson 
  Rob Roden & Jamie King    13   21  Dave Rhodes & Scott Harries 

 Ollie & Neil Harris  15  21   Dave Rhodes & Scott Harries 

League President Doug Westwood presents the winners trophies to Scott Harries (left) and Dave Rhodes (right)

The finalists, Dave Rhodes, Scott Harries, Doug Westwood, Neil Harris and Olliver Harris.

Division 2 Doubles Played at Stockton on Sunday 16th August 

After several years bowling together Chris Lloyd and Jim Roberts were victorious in the final of the Highley League Division 2 Doubles defeating Keith Banks and Tony Howells in the final 21-13. The Mortimer pair defeated Dave & Hazel Grainger 21-20 in their semi-final while Keith and Tony (Wenlock) beat the holders Guy Lewis & Roger Bridge (Horsehay) 21-19 in the other.
Nine pairs entered and it was good to see all stayed and enjoyed the finish. Chairman Mark Bennett stated how it was so good to see two players rewarded for their loyalty not only to their own doubles partnership but to their team and hoped the Division Two competitions would remain hopefully with increased support. He also thanked the Stockton members for the refreshments during the day.

League Chairman Mark Bennett presents the trophy to winners Jim Roberts and Chris Lloyd.

The finalists with league Chairman Mark Bennett (back). Keith Banks, Jim Roberts, Chris Lloyd and Tony Howells