President's Cup 2015

Preliminary Round played on Tuesday 30th  June

1.  Bridgnorth B(10)  v Mortimer(20)     at Highley   
2.  Bridgnorth A(30)  v Madeley B(40)    at Broseley  
3.  Squirrel(75)      v Broseley(30)     at Bylet No 2
4.  Horsehay B(40)    v Stockton(30)     at Madeley CC
5.  Highley A(20)     v Highley B(50)    at Chelmarsh 
6.  Madeley A(25)     v Chelmarsh B(75)  at Bridgnorth

First Round played on Tuesday 21st July

1.  Bridgnorth A(30)  v Bridgnorth B(60) at Bylet No 1
2.  Broseley(30)      v Stockton(30)     at Horsehay  
3.  Highley A(20)     v Madeley A(25)    at Broseley  
4.  Islanders A(0)    v Bylet A(60)      at Stockton  
5.  Worfield(70)      v Cleobury(25)     at Bylet No 2
6.  Horsehay A(15)    v Bylet B(90)      at Highley   
7.  Islanders B(30)   v Chelmarsh A(60)  at Madeley   
8.  Much Wenlock(65)  v Horsehay C(70)   at Worfield  

President's Cup

Quarter Finals played on Tuesday 18th August

1. Bridgnorth B(60) v Stockton(30)     at Bylet No.1
   Stockton won by 9
2. Madeley A(25)    v Islanders A(Scr) at Horsehay
   Madeley won by 1
3. Cleobury(25)     v Horsehay A(15)   at Bridgnorth
   Cleobury won by 16
4. Islanders B(30)  v Wenlock A(65)    at Highley
   Islanders B won by 4

Semi Finals played on Tuesday 8th September

1. Stockton(30)     v Madeley A(25)    at Bridgnorth
   Stockton won by 7
2. Cleobury(25)     v Islanders B(30)  at Worfield
   Cleobury won by 59

Final played on Monday September 28th (7pm) at Bylet No.2

    Stockton(30)            Cleobury(25)
1.  John Baines     21  20  Paul Lill
2.  Graham Hollis   14  21  Phil Pack
3.  Rob Roden       21  10  Graham Kitchen
4.  Ian Evans       21   9  Chris Cowdell
5.  Ken Newbrook    21  16  Eric Mark
6.  Rich Suggett    21  13  Dave Warrington
7.  Kieran Buckley  21  19  Cheryl Caswell
8.  Jamie King      21   8  Jamie Taylor
9.  Mo Parton       21  10  Mike Hutchinson
10. Steve Bishton   17  21  Andrew Pain
                   --- ---
                   199 147

With the handicap of +5, Stockton won by 57.

League vice chairman John Palmer (left) presented the President's Cup to Stockton captain Mo Parton accompanied by League President Doug Westwood.

Mo Parton with her victorious Stockton team.

Consolation Cup

Preliminary Round played on Wednesday 5th August

1. Chelmarsh B(75)  v Horsehay C(70)   at Squirrel
2. Worfield(70)     v Bridgnorth A(30) at Broseley
3. Madeley B(40)    v Broseley(30)     at Stockton
4. Squirrel(75)     v Horsehay B(40)   at Bylet No.2
5. Bylet A(60)      v Chelmarsh A(60)  at Bridgnorth
6. Highley A(20)    v Bylet B(90)      at Madeley
Mortimer & Highley B both have a bye.

Quarter Finals played on Tuesday 18th August (unless stated)

1. Horsehay C(70)   v Bridgnorth A(30) at Madeley (Wed 26th August)
2. Broseley(30)     v Horsehay B(40)   at Bylet No.2
3. Bylet A(60)      v Highley A(20)    at Worfield
4. Mortimer(70)     v Highley B(50)    at Chelmarsh

Semi Finals played on Tuesday 8th September

1. Bridgnorth A(30) v Horsehay B(40)   at Broseley  (9th September)
2. Bylet A(60)      v Highley B(50)    at Cleobury
Bylet A won by 10

Final played on Sunday September 20th (2pm) at Stockton

    Bylet A(60)               Horsehay B(40)
1.  Sue Corfield      18  21  Colin Stanley
2.  Mick Corfield     10  21  Marg Bland
3.  Pete Driver       21  20  Steve Reeves
4.  Lol Preece        16  21  Pete Burd
5.  Judy Morris       18  21  Adam Roden
6.  Georgina Marsh    12  21  Simon Oldcorn
7.  Henry Morris      18  21  John Phillips
8.  Geoff Carnell     18  21  Andy Garbett
9.  Jim Rawlings      21  13  Mick Hamer
10. Jonathan Corfield 15  21  Phil Copson
                     --- ---
                     167 201

With the handicap of 20, Horsehay B won by 14.

League President Doug Westwood presented the Consolation Cup to Horsehay B Captain and league sponsor Steeve Reeves.