League Competition Dates 2016

 Jim Palmer Memorial Trophy  Sunday 26th June 12:00pm  Broseley
 Ladies Singles  Sunday 3rd July 12.00pm  Stockton
 Div 1 Singles
 Sunday 10th July 12:00pm
 Div 2 Singles  Sunday 24th July 12.00pm          Chelmarsh
 Div 1 Doubles 
 Sunday 14th August
 Div 2 Doubles
 Sunday 28th August


Jim Palmer Memorial Trophy played at Broseley Sunday 26th June

First Round
 Rob Smith (Highley)   21   12  Christine Massie (Bridgnorth)
 Tony Roche (Madeley CC)   15   21  Dave Brown (Horsehay)
 John Pritchard (Bridgnorth)   21   18  Mo Parton (Stockton)
 John Clarke (Horsehay)   21   14  Bob Parry (Highley)

Semi Finals
 Rob Smith   10   21  Dave Brown
 John Pritchard   17   21  John Clarke

 Dave Brown   21   15  John Clarke

Singles Trophy played at Highley Sunday 10th July

First Round
 Steve Reeves (Horsehay)   18   21  Tim Ealey (Islanders)
 John Clarke (Horsehay)   05   21  John Palmer (Islanders)
 Pete Burd (Horsehay)   11   21  Rich Simmonds (Horsehay)
 Rich Jones (Horsehay)   21    12    Dave Brown (Horsehay) 
 Matt Ealey (Islanders)   16   21  Scott Harries (Islanders)

Quarter Finals
 Tim Ealey   21   19  John Palmer
 Rich Simmonds   21   15  Rich Jones
 Scott Harries   21   13  John Baines (Stockton)
 Andy Garbett (Horsehay)   21   17  Lol Preece (Bylet)

Semi Finals
 Tim Ealey   14   21  Rich Simmonds
 Scott Harries   21   03  Andy Garbett

 Rich Simmonds   07   21  Scott Harries

Semi Finalists: Andy Garbett, Rich Simmonds, Scott Harries & Tim Ealey

League President Doug Westwood presents the trophy to Scott Harries.

Division 2 Singles Trophy played at Chelmarsh Sunday 24th July

Entry was a little disappointing with only 10 players but 7 teams were represented.
Dave Davies of the host club took the trophy beating his club mate Les Link 21-17 in the final. Both players however were pushed hard in the semi-finals, Mike Weston from Highley going down to 19 against Les Link and league secretary Lesley Burnside pushing Dave Davies all the way before going down 21-16. In presenting the trophy, President Doug Westwood congratulated Chelmarsh on the work they had done since their club was founded and wished them good luck in any future projects.

First Round
 Sue Jackman (Chelmarsh)   18   21  Tony Howells (Much Wenlock)
 Tony Jones (Worfield)   16   21  Dave Davies (Chelmarsh)
Quarter Finals
 Tony Howells   15   21  Dave Davies
 Lesley Burnside (Mortimer)   21   17  Guy Lewis (Horsehay)
 Joe Burnside (Mortimer)   10   21  Mike Weston (Highley)
 Neal McLachlan (Bylet)   13   21  Les Link (Chelmarsh)

Semi Finals
 Lesley Burnside   16   21  Dave Davies
 Mike Weston   19   21  Les Link

 Dave Davies   21   17  Les Link

League President Doug Westwood (centre) with Les Link (left) and Dave Davies (right)

Division 1 Doubles played at Bylet Sunday 14th August

First Round
 J Bennett & C Baines (Stockton)  01  24 S Harries & D Rhodes (Islanders)
 R Simmonds & J Lovett (Horsehay)  21  07 A Garbett & R Jones (Horsehay)
 C Caswell & R Fuller (Islanders)  17  21 R Renke & B Walters (Islanders)
 P Burd & S Reeves (Horsehay)  21  13 T McGill & J Taylor (Islanders)

Semi Finals
 S Harries & D Rhodes  24  08 R Simmonds & J Lovett
 R Renke & B Walters  24  14 P Burd & S Reeves

 S Harries & D Rhodes  21  09 R Renke & B Walters

Scott Harries, League President Doug Westwood & Dave Rhodes.

League Prize Winners

Prize Winners at the League Presentation Evening (click for a full sized view).
Bob Parry (Highley), Doug Westwood (League President), Terry Howells (Much Wenlock), Albert Edwards (Worfield), Sue Jackman (Chelmarsh), Mark Bennett (League Chairman, Mo Parton (Stockton), Scott Harries, Kevin Brazier, Dave Rhodes (Islanders) and Geoff Wylde (Highley).