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AGM Summary

posted 15 Feb 2017, 00:48 by John Palmer   [ updated 15 Feb 2017, 00:58 ]
The 2017 Annual General Meeting was held at Bridgnorth Bowling Club on Tuesday 14th February.

Two from Bridgnorth were discussed and accepted:
  1. Clubs not attending league management meetings will be fined £10. This is per club, not individual team.
  2. Two shot handicaps for home bowlers in league competitions will only apply in early rounds. They will not apply for semi-finals and finals.
League Structure
A letter of resignation from Cleobury A in Division 1 was accepted with regret. All other teams from last year are expected to continue. A request to join the league was received from Albrighton Bowling Club and this was accepted. They will play in Division 2. This means that as last year, there will be 11 teams in Division 1 and 10 in Division 2. As follows:
 Division 1  Division 2
 Islanders A      Bylet A 
 Highley A  Worfield 
 Horsehay A  Horsehay C 
 Madeley A  Chelmarsh A 
 Islanders B  Bridgnorth B 
 Broseley  Mortimer 
 Stockton  Squirrel 
 Horsehay B  Bylet B 
 Bridgnorth A Chelmarsh B 
 Highley B  Albrighton 
 Much Welock  

Election of Officers
 Chairman/Fixture Coordinator   Mark Bennett (Stockton)
 President/Vice Chairman      John Palmer (Bylet) 
 Secretary  Lesley Burnside (Mortimer)
 Treasurer  Jeanette Bennett (Stockon)
 SCGBA Representative      Tony Roche (Madeley)
 Vice Presidents      Ron Adams
 Mark Bennett
 Frank Booth
 Tony Roche
 Lol Russon
 Doug Westwood
 Cyril Bright
 Nigel Booth 

The Mike Beckett results system will be opened up for clubs to register/de-register players on 1st March.