League Competition Dates 2019

 Division 1 Singles   
 Division 1 & 2 Singles 
 Qualifying Tue 18th June
 Finals Sun 11th August
 at TBA
 Ladies Singles  Sun 25th August  at TBA
 Jim Palmer Memorial Trophy  Sun 21st July 1pm  at Highley
 Division 1 & 2 Doubles   Qualifying Tue 6th August
 Finals Sun 25th August

 at TBA 

Singles Qualifying Tuesday 18th June

27 entries for the Div 1 singles will play off at two venues, four to qualify from each. Insufficient entries have been received to require qualifying in the Div 2 competition so they will go straight through to finals day on Sunday 11th August.

Division One Qualifying
 Bridgnorth  Highley
 S Madeley  C Lodge
 L Mumford   R Renke
 P Hayne  T McGill    I/C
 D Edwards   R Fuller
 C Caswell  S Lockley
 S Reeves   I/C  J Taylor
 P Burd  A Garbett
 N Banks  R Simmonds
 J Lovett  M Rhodes
 N Bailey  L Fearnell
 G Jones  S Harris
 D Brown  R Jones
 M Bennett   I/C  A Ludlow Rhodes
   J Pritchard    I/C

Scratch time is 6.45pm to enable a 7pm start. Four to qualify for finals day from each venue.