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Propositions for the 2020 AGM

posted 2 Feb 2020, 06:30 by John Palmer   [ updated 11 Feb 2020, 14:41 by John Palmer ]
The following propositions have so far been received for discussion at the Annual General Meeting:
  1. Bridgnorth would like to submit the following proposition to the AGM in February:
    All competitions shall be played on the designated date unless there are exceptional circumstances eg inclement weather, death within the club. The team who fails to field a side forfeits the game and the other team goes forward into the next round.

  2. Also from Bridgnorth:
    To amend Rule 3a regarding registered players:
    Change registered 8 players DOWN to 6.
    Reason: only 10 players per team and the current system of nominating 8 players seems excessive and hard to manage if you have more than one team in the League, especially during holiday periods.

  3. From Horsehay:
    Cup Knockout. For some years there has been effectively no set rules for how this competition has been run in, no set agg for each team and when the agg is set. Certainly not on the rules page of the Highley site rules.
    My proposal would make it easier for each team of players to understand it to avoid any doubt how this works and how its run.
    To read:
    1. For cup knock out competitions the agg is based on the previous years league positions.
    2. Where a team(s) is promoted from div 2 they would assume the position of the team(s) that finished bottom of div1 and vice versa.
    3. AGG Numbers
    1. Scratch
    2. Scratch
    3. 10
    4. 10
    5. 20
    6. 20
    7. 30
    8. 30
    9. 40
    10. 45
    11. 45
    11. 1. For the presidents cup (Every 3 years) the agg would be decided at the AGM prior to the start of that season.