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Information for 2017

  • Pre-Season Meeting
    The pre-season meeting was held on Tuesday 21st March at Bridgnorth Bowling Club.
    It was agreed that instead of a traditional League Presentation after the season had finished, a Finals Day would be organised where the two knockout cup finals would be played followed by a prize presentation.
    Following the meeting, the draw for the knockout cups was made - handicaps and dates to be confirmed later in the season. Draw details:
    Division 1
    Round 1
    MCC          v Wenlock
    Horsehay A   v Highley A
    Bridgnorth A v Stockton
    Round 2
    Islanders B  v Bridgnorth A or Stockton
    Islanders A  v Broseley
    Highley B    v Horsehay B

    Division 2
    Round 1
    Bylet A      v Squirrel
    Mortimer     v Albrighton
    Round 2
    Chelmarsh B  v Bridgnorth B
    Chelmarsh A  v Bylet B
    Horsehay C   v Worfield

    New League President John Palmer was presented with his chain of office by league Vice President Frank Booth.

    Pictured below are the League Officers:
    Ron Adams (Vice President), Lesley Burnside (Secretary), John Palmer (President/Vice Chairman), Frank Booth (Vice President), Jeanette Bennett (Treasurer) and Mark Bennett (Chairman).
    Posted by John Palmer
  • AGM Summary
    The 2017 Annual General Meeting was held at Bridgnorth Bowling Club on Tuesday 14th February.

    Two from Bridgnorth were discussed and accepted:
    1. Clubs not attending league management meetings will be fined £10. This is per club, not individual team.
    2. Two shot handicaps for home bowlers in league competitions will only apply in early rounds. They will not apply for semi-finals and finals.
    League Structure
    A letter of resignation from Cleobury A in Division 1 was accepted with regret. All other teams from last year are expected to continue. A request to join the league was received from Albrighton Bowling Club and this was accepted. They will play in Division 2. This means that as last year, there will be 11 teams in Division 1 and 10 in Division 2. As follows:
     Division 1  Division 2
     Islanders A      Bylet A 
     Highley A  Worfield 
     Horsehay A  Horsehay C 
     Madeley A  Chelmarsh A 
     Islanders B  Bridgnorth B 
     Broseley  Mortimer 
     Stockton  Squirrel 
     Horsehay B  Bylet B 
     Bridgnorth A Chelmarsh B 
     Highley B  Albrighton 
     Much Welock  

    Election of Officers
     Chairman/Fixture Coordinator   Mark Bennett (Stockton)
     President/Vice Chairman      John Palmer (Bylet) 
     Secretary  Lesley Burnside (Mortimer)
     Treasurer  Jeanette Bennett (Stockon)
     SCGBA Representative      Tony Roche (Madeley)
     Vice Presidents      Ron Adams
     Mark Bennett
     Frank Booth
     Tony Roche
     Lol Russon
     Doug Westwood
     Cyril Bright
     Nigel Booth 

    The Mike Beckett results system will be opened up for clubs to register/de-register players on 1st March.
    Posted 15 Feb 2017, 00:58 by John Palmer
  • Information for the AGM
    The agenda for the AGM can be downloaded from here and the minutes of the 2016 AGM from here (both PDF format).
    Posted 11 Feb 2017, 03:19 by John Palmer
  • 2017 AGM
    Just to let you know, we have had to move the AGM from Monday 13th Feb 2017 to Tuesday 14th Feb.2017

    Sorry for any inconvenience. All other details remain the same.

    And on behalf of the committee we'd like to wish you all a Very Happy New Year.


    Lesley Burnside

    Posted 2 Jan 2017, 07:15 by John Palmer
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League News

  • Pre-Season Meeting

    Hi All,

    Just to let you know a pre season meeting has been called for Tuesday 21st March 2017 at Bridgnorth Bowling Club at 7.30pm.

    Can I please ask that all clubs are represented at the meeting. A proposal that was made and passed at the AGM was that clubs not represented at each league meeting would be fined £10. Please be aware that this new rule is now active.

    Hope to see you all there. 


    Posted 15 Mar 2017, 08:22 by John Palmer
  • Presentation Evening
    The league's Annual Presentation Evening was held at Broseley Social Club on Friday 18th November,
    Photo of some of the prize winners is now on the Competitions page.
    Posted 25 Nov 2016, 02:28 by John Palmer
  • Knockout Finals
    The Division 1 final will take place at Broseley (TBC) on Sunday 18th September, 3pm start.
    Horsehay B (40) v Highley A (15)

    The Division 2 final will take place at Horsehay on Sunday 25th September, 3pm start.
    Highley B (0) v Worfield (15)
    Posted 10 Sep 2016, 16:21 by John Palmer
  • Knockout Semi Final Draw
    Division One
    Horsehay B (40) v Cleobury A (45)   @ Bylet No 1
    Highley A (15)  v Islanders B (25)  @ Stockton

    Division Two
    Worfield(15)    v Chelmarsh A (45)  @ Bridgnorth
    Mortimer (45)   v Highley B (0)     @ Bylet No 2

    Please text knockout results to Mark Bennett on 07947110893
    Posted 25 Aug 2016, 01:19 by John Palmer
  • Knockout Quarter Final Draw
    Division One
    Islanders A (0)   v Horsehay B (40)   @ Worfield
    Bridgnorth A (45) v Cleobury A (45)   @ Chelmarsh
    Horsehay A (15)   v Highley A (15)    @ Bylet no 2
    Islanders B (25)  v Stockton (30)     @ Bridgnorth

    Division Two
    Wenlock (0)       v Worfield(15)      @ Bylet no 1
    Chelmarsh A (20)  v Horsehay C (20)   @ MCC
    Mortimer (45)     v Bylet C (40)      @ Highley
    Highley B (0)     v Squirrel (30)     @ Cleobury

    Please text knockout results to Mark Bennett on 07947110893
    Posted 25 Aug 2016, 01:14 by John Palmer
  • League Competition Dates 2016
    Jim Palmer Trophy : Sunday June 26th : at Broseley : 12.00pm start : Details (PDF)
    Highley League Ladies Singles ; Sunday July 3rd : at Stockton : 12.00pm start : Details (PDF) 
    Knockout Cup : First Round Tuesday July 5th
    Highley League Singles ; Sunday 10th July : at Highley : 12:00pm start : Details (PDF)
    Division 2 Singles ; Sunday 24th July : at Chelmarsh : 12:00pm start
    Highley League Doubles ; Sunday August 14th : at Bylet : 12:00pm start
    Division 2 Doubles ; Sunday August 28th : at Stockton : 12.00pm start
    Posted 21 Aug 2016, 05:14 by John Palmer
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