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The league was founded in 1960 and was originally based in Highley Shropshire. It is now based in Bridgnorth and has thirteen member clubs from Bridgnorth and the surrounding area. Two eight a side divisions compete on Tuesday evenings.

League News

Knockout Cup Draws

The draw for the two knockout cups are available on the results service division 1 & division 2 and copied below.

The preliminary round for division 1 will be played on Tuesday 16th July and division 2 on Wednesday 17th July.

Please note that due to Harris Cup matches being moved because of the England football match on 10th July, the division 2 match between Bridgnorth B & Broseley which was originally to be played at Bylet No.1, then moved to Highley will now be played at Cleobury. Apologies for the confusion and many thanks to Cleobury Mortimer Bowling Club for agreeing to host the fixture at short notice.

The quarter finals of both cups will be played on Tuesday 20th August, semi-finals on Tuesday 10th September and finals day will be on Sunday 29th September.

4Jul24 by John Palmer

Doubles Qualifying

Entries are invited for the Division 1 (open to all Highley League bowlers) and the Division 2 trophies (open to bowlers who have played fewer than 2 games in Division 1).

Qualifying (if required) will be on Tuesday 6th August (venues to be arranged depending on the number of entries). Finals will be played on Sunday 8th September, venue to be arranged.

Entry fee is £10 per pair which will be accepted on the day you play.

Entries accepted by email to highleybowlsleague@gmail.com or phone/text/Whatsapp 07460267265 by Tuesday 30th July.

24Jun24 by John Palmer

Jim Palmer Memorial - Veterans Trophy Played Sunday 23rd June at Highley

Congratulations to Stockton's Tony Roche on winning the Jim Palmer Trophy for the second time with a 21-13 win in the final against Pete Driver (Islanders). Full scores are here.

23Jun24 by John Palmer

League Singles - Mark Bennett Memorial and Division 2 Qualifying

Tuesday 18th June 6.45pm scratch: Mark Bennett Memorial at Bridgnorth & Worfield, Division 2 at Shifnal. Four to qualify from each venue, only one venue for the division 2 due to lack of entries. Finals at Stockton on Sunday 21st July, Mark Bennett Memorial quarter finals start at 2pm, semi-finals of both competitions at 3pm.

13Jun24 by John Palmer

At Bridgnorth

Jane Flatters Mortimer
Nick Flatters Mortimer
Claire Williams Mortimer
Gareth Jones  Horsehay
Rob Weir Stockton
Simon Madeley Madeley
John Roberts Horsehay
Rich Simmonds Horsehay
Luke Fearnell Horsehay
Des Conneely Horsehay
Craig Baugh Horsehay
Mick Furness Shifnal
Lol Russon Highley
Bob Parry Highley
Dave Hill Highley
Roger Jones Highley

John Palmer I/C

Claire Williams
Gareth Jones
Nick Flatters
Rob Weir

At Worfield

Joe Burnside Mortimer
Lauren Burnside Mortimer
Lesley Burnside Mortimer
Ryan Woods Mortimer
Brian Walters Islanders
Paul Mills Shifnal
Dave James Shifnal
Steve Reeves Horsehay
Andy Garbett Horsehay
Phil Wain Horsehay
Phil Harris Horsehay
Darren Bailey Horsehay
Martin Beddow Highley
Brian Durnall Highley
Sean Lockley Highley
Lol Preece Bridgnorth

Rob Renke I/C

Andy Garbett
Darren Bailey
Dave James
Phil Wain

At Shifnal

Allan Ludlow-Rhodes Broseley
Mo Parton Stockton
John Pritchard Stockton   I/C
John Baines Stockton
Steve Bishton Stockton
Tony Jones Worfield
Debbie Jones Worfield
Les Davies Worfield
Mick Rhodes Broseley
Tony Roche Stockton
Martin Bennett Stockton
Robby Price Chelmarsh
Joey Price Chelmarsh
Matt Pritchard Broseley

John Pritchard
Mick Rhodes
Matt Pritchard
Joey Price

Ladies Singles

Congratulations to home player Lauren Burnside on winning the Ladies Singles held at Cleobury Mortimer on Sunday 9th June. Details here.

10Jun24 by John Palmer

Mark Bennett & Division 2 Singles Competitions

Entries are invited for these two competitions before 12th June. Qualifying (if required) will be on Tuesday 18th June and you can pay on the day - £5 per entry.  The finals will be played at Stockton on Sunday 21st July.

Entries can be emailed to highleybowlsleague@gmail.com or phone/text 07460267265.

Players are reminded that they can only play in only one of these competitions, not both as they are played at the same time.

16May24 by John Palmer

One Day Competitions

Dates and venues have now been confirmed for the two one day league competitions. Both competitions can be entered on the day and the entry fee will be £5.

Ladies Singles

Open to all lady bowlers registered to play in the league.

Venue: Cleobury Mortimer Bowling Club

Date: Sunday 9th June, 1.45pm draw for a 2pm start.

Jim Palmer Memorial Trophy

Open to all league bowlers over the age of 60.

Venue: Highley

Date Sunday 23rd June, 12.45pm draw for a 1pm start.

29Apr24 by John Palmer

BCGBA Code of Conduct

The BCGBA have released an updated discipline policy and code of conduct. You can read it here. All bowlers are urged to familiarise themselves with the content and also the laws of the game which you can find here with frequently asked questions answered here.

22Feb24 by John Palmer

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