League Competitions 2023

Confirmed Dates

Ladies Singles:  Sun 11th June, venue Bridgnorth Bowling Club.

Mark Bennett Memorial & Div2 Singles: Qualifying Tue 20th June, Finals Sun 23rd July at Stockton. Entries close 13th June.

Jim Palmer Memorial (over 60): Sun 2nd July, venue Much Wenlock.

Div1 & Div2 Doubles: Qualifying Tue 8th August, Finals Sun 10th September venue Much Wenlock.

President's Cup: 

Finals Day & Presentation: Sun 1st October at Bridgnorth Bowling Club.

Ladies Singles - Sunday 11th June at Bridgnorth Bowling Club

Congratulations to Cheryl Caswell (Islanders) on winning the Ladies Singles Trophy beating Debbie Jones (Worfield) in the final. Scores are here.

Many thanks to Bridgnorth for hosting the competition and all who marked cards and measured.

League treasurer Jeanette Bennett (left) presents the trophy to Cheryl.

Jeanette with the two finalists, Debbie & Cheryl.

League Singles - Mark Bennett Memorial and Division 2 Qualifying

Tuesday 20th June 6.45pm scratch: Mark Bennett Memorial at Bridgnorth & Bylet No.2, Division 2 at Worfield & Bylet No.1. Four to qualify from each venue. Finals at Stockton on Sunday 23rd July, Division 2 start at 1pm, Mark Bennett Memorial start at 2pm. 

At Bridgnorth

Brian Walters Islanders

Tim Ealey Islanders

John Palmer Islanders I/C

Cheryl Caswell Islanders
Ian Hopson Islanders

Steve Reeves Horsehay

Beth Reeves Horsehay

Olly Harris Horsehay

Andy Garbett Horsehay

Martin Beddow Highley

Brian Durnall Highley

Kev Lavelle Madeley

Chris Lodge Madeley

Simon Madeley Madeley

Kevin Carter Broseley


Cheryl Caswell
Ian Hopson
Chris Lodge
Kevin Carter

At Bylet No.2

Rob Weir Stockton

Matt Pritchard Broseley

John Roberts Horsehay

Rich Simmonds Horsehay

Gareth Jones Horsehay

Pete Burd Horsehay

Dave Wolverson Much Wenlock

Roger Jones Highley

Lol Russon Highley

Bob Parry Highley I/C

Les Mumford Madeley

Sue Mumford Madeley

Lol Preece Bridgnorth

Graham Bleakley Madeley


Rob Weir
John Roberts
Dave Wolverson
Graham Bleakley

At Bylet No.1

Allan Ludlow-Rhodes Horsehay

Darren Bailey Horsehay

Mo Parton Stockton

John Baines Stockton

Tony Jones Worfield

Debbie Jones Worfield

Les Davies Worfield

Chris Massie Bridgnorth

Alan Wain Bridgnorth

Joe Burnside Mortimer

Lauren Burnside Mortimer

Lesley Burnside Mortimer I/C

Tony Turnbull Stockton


Allan Ludlow-Rhodes
Darren Bailey
Mo Parton
Les Davies

At Worfield

Luke Fearnell Horsehay

Guy Lewis Stockton

John Pritchard Stockton I/C

Steve Bishton Stockton

Colin Petitt Stockton

Pam Smith Islanders

Karl Law Islanders

Gene Kelly Islanders

Brian Homer Bridgnorth

Paul Lloyd Mortimer

Eric Mark Mortimer

Ryan Woods Mortimer

Mick Rhodes Horsehay


John Pritchard
Steve Bishton
Pam Smith
Mick Rhodes

Finals Sunday 23rd July at Stockton

Mark Bennett Memorial Trophy

Horsehay's John Roberts Jnr lifted the Mark Bennett Memorial Trophy with a 21-13 win over Stockton's Rob Weir in the final. Losing semi-finalists were last year's winner Cheryl Caswell (Islanders) and Kev Carter (Broseley). Scores are here.

Pictured below, Mark Bennett's son Martin with Rob Weir (left) and John Roberts (right).

Division 2 Singles

Darren Bailey made it a Horsehay double winning the Division 2 Singles beating Stockton's Mo Parton 21-9 in the final. Losing semi-finalists were Alan Ludlow-Rhodes (Horsehay) and John Pritchard (Stockton). Scores are here.

Pictured below, Martin Bennett presents the trophy to Darren Bailey (right) with Mo Parton (left).

Jim Palmer Memorial Veterans - Sunday 2nd July at Much Wenlock.

An excellent day's bowling saw 28 veteran bowlers compete for the Jim Palmer Memorial Trophy. The final was completed after 7pm and was an all Islanders & League Officers affair with League Chairman John Palmer just edging out league Vice-Chairman Rob Renke 21-19. In the semi-finals, John beat Debbie Jones (Worfield) 21-13 and Rob beat home bowler Mervyn Jarman 21-17. Full results are on the results service here.

In accepting the Memorial Trophy from Bob Mumford, John thanked the Much Wenlock members for their brilliant hospitality and everyone who measured, marked cards and supported the competition. He also pointed out that it was particularly moving for him to win his father's trophy as Jim would have reached the age of 100 this year.

Bob Mumford presents the Jim Palmer Memorial Trophy to John Palmer.

Bob Mumford congratulates losing finalist Rob Renke with John Palmer.

Doubles Finals on Sunday 10th September at Much Wenlock

Division 1

Experienced Highley pair Andy James & Frank Leek beat Rob Renke & Brian Walters (Islanders) 21-11 in the final. Losing semi-finalists were John Roberts & Gareth Jones (Horsehay) and Geoff Wylde & Dave East (Highley).

Pictured below: Frank Leek, Andy James, Rob Renke & Brian Walters.

Division 2

Three of the four qualifiers for the finals were from Horsehay and two of them contested the final. Phil Harris & Darren Bailey beat Luke Fearnall & Des Conneely 21-14. Losing semi-finalists were John Baines & Jeanette Bennett (Stockton) and Mick Rhodes & Alan Ludlow-Rhodes.

Pictured below: Darren Bailey, Phil Harris, Des Conneely & Luke Fearnall.

President's and Consolation Cups

President's Cup

Division 1 runners-up Islanders A overturned a 56 shot handicap to beat division 2 runners-up Mortimer by 20 shots and all eight winners. The match card is here.

Islanders A. Standing: Jamie Taylor, Brian Walters (non playing captain), Ian Hopson, Grant Cooper, Rob Renke & Simon Rhodes.
Front: Tim Ealey, Lee Bowden & Cheryl Caswell.

Mortimer. Standing:Paul Lloyd, Graham Kitchen, Joe Burnside, Ledley Burnside, Dave Warrington, Nick Flatters & Eric Mark.
Front: Lauren Burnside & Ryan Woods.

Consolation Cup

Madeley Cricket Club had five winners and a 33 shot advantage over fellow division 1 side Highley B. The result card is here.

Madeley Cricket Club: John Picken, Chris Lodge, Jim Lister, Rob Beddows, Kevin Lavelle, Sue Mumford, Nigel Evans & Les Mumford.