Highley and District Bowling League Rules

1a  The league shall consist of those teams duly accepted into the league.

1b  The league shall be affiliated to the British Crown Green Bowling Association (herein after the BCGBA) and the Shropshire Crown Green Bowling Association (hereinafter the SCGBA).

1c  The league will be split into two divisions if more than 14 teams are accepted for League membership at the Annual General Meeting.

1d  Promotion shall be awarded on a Two up and Two down basis.

1e  Voting at all League Meetings shall be counted as one vote per team.

1f  The boundary of the league shall be: Telford Town Centre (Part) South of the M54, within the boundary of Bridgnorth and District Council and to include the town of Cleobury Mortimer.

2a  The running of the league will be vested in an executive committee, consisting of the Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Fixture/Results secretary and one member from each Club.  Five members shall form a quorum.

2b  Each team shall consist of 8 duly registered players, male or female.

2c  All clubs to contribute £20 towards the cost of refreshments for the league presentation.

2d  Appeals and Protests  Any Club protesting against fines given out under league rules can do so in writing, no later than 14 days after the fine was given. Protests to be sent to the League Secretary and heard by the League Executive. Fine to be paid prior to the appeal (to be repaid if found in favour of the club). In the event of any disputes, the Executive's decision is final.

3a   A Club with two or more teams shall name their best 5 players and these players shall only play in their first team. A Club with three teams shall name their best 10 players, the first 5 may only play in the first team, the second 5 may play in the first or second team. A Club with four teams shall name their best 15 players, the first 5 may play in the first team only, the second 5 may play in either the first or second teams and the third 5 may play in the first, second or third teams.  Any other players are deemed eligible to play in any team. These  5’s should be entered in the club’s registered players list on the Results Service web site before the seasonal cutoff point. Failure to do so will incur a £10.00 fine. 

3b  Clubs can de-register a player on proof of loss of form and/or illness and/or availability in writing by letter to the Executive Committee. 

4a  Matches will be played on Tuesday evenings as per the fixture list, unless by mutual agreement by the team captains, to play another day. But must be played within 14 days of the original date. If clubs fail to agree to a date, the management committee shall decide a date. The League Secretary and Fixture/Results Secretary must be informed immediately by both captains when a fixture is cancelled or abandoned.

4b  Any team not fulfilling a fixture will be liable to a fine of £25 and will forfeit 10 match points.

4c  Any team playing with a player short will be liable to a fine of £5 and will lose the game 21-0. Aggregate to be recorded 21-11 for the opposing player in the averages.

4d  League fixtures must be completed by the final fixture date.

5a  All matches to commence no later than 7.00pm.

5b  No practice will be allowed to away bowlers.

5c  Players will be available by 8.15pm.

5d  Matches to commence as per fixture list.

6a  The winner of the match shall be decided by the team winning most points. Points awarded thus one point per game won, two points for the match aggregate win. If the match aggregate is tied, one point per team.

6b  In the event of abandonment, match to resume from the point of abandonment at a later date (within 14 days). It is the responsibility of the captains concerned to arrange the resumption of the said match, only the same players in the original fixture to participate (where possible). Substitutes to be allowed only with the permission of the opposing captain.

6c  Where games are in progress at the time of abandonment, the away players will be allowed 10 minutes practise prior to the restart of the game. Any games not started, only the home player can practise.

7a  Adequate measures to be provided by the home team. A marker from each team will be provided for each match.

7b  Markers will check with the other marker every third end. Failure to agree, go back to the last agreed end.

8   The League winners will receive £175 and providing six or more teams compete, the runners up will receive £100, the third team £75, fourth team £50 and the fifth team £25. Awards will also be made to the following:- Divisional aggregate winners, Runner up, leading lady and leading junior.

9   In the event of a tie on points games won and aggregate for the League winners or runners up position there shall be a play off at a neutral venue decided by the committee.

10a Clubs will be held responsible for paying the Annual League fee by the 30th June. (Fee reviewed yearly at the Annual General Meeting). Currently set at £100.00 for each Team for 2022.

10b Clubs will be invoiced in May for payment by the 30th June. Failure to pay by this date will incur a fine of £25.

11a All clubs should ensure that their list of registered players has been entered correctly on the Results Service web site before the seasonal cutoff point which will be the first fixture date or as agreed at the AGM.

11b Home Clubs shall ensure the result card details have been entered on the web site in the Correct playing order within 48 hours of the match being completed, Failure to comply with this rule will result in a fine of £5.00. The details should then be checked and approved by the away club within five days of the match being played.

11c Clubs shall retain all the match cards for the Home fixture of all the home fixtures of all their teams until the end of the season. Results cards must clearly show individual player details which must include BCGBA numbers, forenames and surnames for both teams and the correct associated scores.

11d Clubs must present results cards for verification within 72 hours of being called for by the League or a League Officer.

11e Where a dispute arises and the results card is not provided for verification, the complainant shall have their complaint upheld, with no right of appeal being given to the home team.

11f A £5.00 fine may be incurred for either club named on a card for failing to ensure players details are recorded accurately and failing to ensure the card is signed by their Captains.

11g Changes to club registered list, or new members registration numbers, must be entered on the registration page of the website by clubs before the seasonal cut- off point, thereafter all changes can only be made via the nominated officer.

11h The principles of these rules are to ensure clubs enter their home fixture results in a timely and accurate manner, which must be fair to both sides playing in the fixture. The league may take action against a club who, for whatever reason, fails to meet these principles.

12  No new player to sign after July 1st of that season.

13a In the event of a player seeking a transfer they must do so seven days prior to representing their new club. (No transfers after 1st June).

13b Any new player to be registered seven days before playing their first game.

14a Additions/alterations to rules can only be made in writing 28 days before the AGM which is held on the second Tuesday in February.

14b All clubs are responsible for the return of all trophies to the League Secretary before the presentation evening which will be held following the finals of the knockout cups.

15  All matches are played under BCGBA rules.

16  Headquarters of the Highley & District Bowling League will be at Bridgnorth Bowling Club.

17  The bank to be used will be at Lloyds Bank Bridgnorth.

18  A copy of the League Rules shall be displayed in all Members Club rooms or Greens at all times.

19  The election for League President to be held every three years.

20  The Management Committee of the league shall have the powers to call an Extraordinary General Meeting, and apply and act upon any matters that are not covered by them, 28 days notice to be given to all clubs at calling of any such meeting. Only items received in writing to be voted on at the meeting. League members wishing to call an EGM can do so when granted the permission of the Chairman.

 21  All clubs are expected to send a representative to league meetings. Failure to attend will result in the club being fined £10.


Will all clubs please give prior notice of individual club dress code at the Pre-season meeting.

Will all players please respect the dress code of that club that you are visiting.


1a  Competitions are open to all correctly signed players who have played two league games in the Highley & District Bowling League.

1b   In doubles, both players must be from the same club.

2a   Any player with a home advantage shall carry a two point handicap which will apply in all rounds up to but not including the final.

2b   In doubles 2 point handicap per player.

3     Competition rule one shall apply to all league competitions with the exception of the Junior Merit, Ladies Merit and Jim Palmer Trophy.

4     Dress Code applies for all finals and representative Games.

Division 2 Singles and doubles trophies.

5a  Competition is open to all correctly signed players from clubs registered in Division 2.

5b  Players registered in Division 1 (registered 5's ) or any player who has played 2 or more games in Division 1 shall be excluded from the competition.

5c  Premier League bowlers shall also be excluded.

5d  Prize Money subject to entry and sponsorship.

5e  All dates will mirror the senior competition.

5f   That a fee of £5.00 per team be charged to cover greensman's fees of any neutral green used during Highley League knockout competitions.


1   Competition open to all teams accepted into the Highley and District Bowling League.

2a Teams to consist of eight duly registered players. With competition rule one to apply.

2b Any team playing an unregistered or illegal player will lose the game 21-0, will be fined £25.00 and could be brought before the Committee.

2c Any team playing short shall lose that game 21-0.

2d No player to play in any other team once they have played for a team in a competition.

3a Games to be played on a knockout basis.

3b Games to be played on neutral venues as decided by the Selection Sub Committee.

4a The winner of any trophy will hold it for 12 months.

4b All Clubs are responsible for the return of all trophies to the league secretary before the competition finals.

5  Competition Games to be subject to a handicap, which will be based on the team's previous year's finishing positions in the league as follows: 1st & 2nd  scratch, 3rd & 4th +10, 5th & 6th +20, 7th & 8th +30, 9th +40 & 10th & 11th +45. Teams promoted to division 1 will be considered 10th & 11th. Teams relegated to division 2 will be off scratch. This rule will not apply to the President's Cup played every three years. Instead the handicaps will be decided at the AGM prior to the start of the season.

6  The winners of the match will be decided by the aggregate scores, in the event of a tie, the team winning most games shall be deemed the winners. If sides are still level, the team with the lowest card shall be the deciding factor.

7  Result cards are the responsibility of the Winning team captain. And should be received by the Fixture/Results Secretary no later than three days after the match.

8  Any club not fulfilling a fixture shall result in a £25.00 Fine.

9  Prize Money to be set by the Committee. Winners £80.00 Runners up £40.00 Losing Semi-Finalist £20.00

10 All competitions shall be played on the designated date unless there are exceptional circumstances e.g. inclement weather, death within the club. The team who fails to field a side forfeits the game and the other team goes forward into the next round.

11 A green fee of £1 per player should be paid to the host club.


1 Open to all duly signed Highley and District Bowling League Players who are currently playing or who are past players, not currently playing but are a registered member of a league club, male or female.

2 General Competition rule number two to apply.

3 All competitors to be aged 60 years of age on the day of the competition.

As revised at the AGM March 1st 2023